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Ensenada Mexico

Ensenada known as the "Cinderella of the Pacific", located 70 miles south of the San Ysidro International Border. Ensenada is the third largest city in Baja. It has been said that Ensenada is the city that was built around a bar, Hussong's Cantina, which opened in 1892, has played a key role in the development of this port town. Ensenada Mexico is tourists friendly, with almost its entire shopping district located on a single street Boulevard Lopez Mateos. In Ensenada shopping is not the only thing to do. Other must see site are the Open air fresh fish market, here you find the freshest fish in town and La Bufadora, an amazing natural blowhole spouting seawater 70 feet into the air, other attractions in Ensenada Mexico are wineries, museums, whale watching, and beautiful beaches. Ensenada is the heart of Mexico 's wine country. More than 90% of Mexico 's wine is produced in Ensenada and its surrounding regions. The weather in Ensenada is similar to San Diego. In Ensenada, enjoy warm summers and mild winters which also makes Ensenada Mexico the perfect setting for wine production. The internationally recognized wine makes produce a number of different types and styles of wines. Inexpensive tours and tasting are offered six days a week, and in mid August there is a wine festival, which is one of Baja's most popular events.


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