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Mexican Toll roadsToll Roads in Baja California and Mexico

Mexico has an extensive system of toll roads or Autopistas. Autopistas are built and funded by Federal taxes and are built to nearly identical standards as the US Interstate Highways System. Also, many states in Mexico have their own toll roads such as Puebla, Veracruz and Nuevo Leon. The Mexico Toll Roads offer the fastest as well as the safest means of traveling throughout the country. When dring in Mexico be aware of the signs


  • VIA LIBRE – Free Road. The free roads in Mexico are usually single lane roads that often are less maintained than the toll roads. This will make traveling in Mexico take much longer.
  • COUTA – Pay Toll Roads. The Government maintains these roads. They offer the fastest way to travel throughout Mexico.

Toll Road Fees

When traveling on the Toll Roads in Mexico you will need to pay a fee. These fees go to maintaining road conditions, emergency services etc. The Toll charges are based on how many axles you motor vehicle has. Most cars and motorcycles Tolls charges are usually under $3 per Toll. The tolls can be paid in U.S. currency as well as Mexican currency, however note that if you pay in pesos the will not give you American Currency as change. Below is an example of prices for using Toll Roads in Mexico. Note these fees change throughout the year.


  • Playas de Tijuana - $25 Pesos (around US$2.25)
  • Rosarito - $25 Pesos (around US$2.25)
  • Ensenada - $25 Pesos (around US$2.25)
  • Tijuana to Tecate - $66 Pesos (around US$6.00)

Green AngelsRoadside Assistance and Green Angels

To help motorists on major highways, the Mexican Tourism Ministry operates a fleet of more than 275 pickup trucks, known as the Angeles Verdes, or Green Angels. The green Angels are similar to the AAA in the U.S. The Green Angels are a government paid bilingual crew that patrol the toll roads throughout Mexico every day in green trucks, carrying tools and spare parts, looking for motorists in trouble. The Angeles Verdes will provide mechanical assistance, first aid, basic supplies, and towing. In addition They also have a communication network with different government offices and offer basic tourist information. The services they provide are FREE of charge unless your vehicle needs parts or fuel. Even though the services are free tipping is extremely appreciated, however don’t be offended if they do not except it. If for some reason you need assistance call “060” (Mexico’s version of 911) or pull to the side of the road and lift your hood, this will signal the Green Angels that you need assistance or contact them Toll Free 24 hours seven days a week at:

  • 01 800 990 3900: Tijuana – Ensenada & El Hongo – La Rumorosa Toll Roads
  • 01 800 888 0911: Tijuana – Tecate Toll Road

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