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Driving Diections From San Diego to Puerto Nuevo

Take the 5 or 805 freeway south to the U.S. - Mexico border (San Ysidro crossing). Both freeways end at the border so take your pick. When you cross the border, stay in the right lane and, As you go up over the overpass keep moving into the far right lane marked with signs that read Rosarito - Ensenada
As you come to the top of the hill, move into the right lane. At the bottom of that hill the road will fork Left and Right, take the fork to the right. It is marked with arrows Rosarito/Puerto Nuevo/Ensenada Cuota. (Cuota stand for the Toll Road).
When you get to the first toll booth have your money ready (toll cost about $2). Continue on the road through the second toll booth (another $2). This is just past Rosarito. Proceed another 9 miles where you will find an exit sign marked Puerto Nuevo. Exit here and turn left heading south onto the Carretera Libre (Free Road). Puerto Nuevo is located 2 miles South of the Puerto Nuevo exit on the right hand side. If you reach the New Port Hotel you went to far. If you miss the Puerto Nuevo exit you will get another chance, keep driving until the next exit marked Cantamar. Exit to the right but this time turn right onto Carretera Libre north. Puerto Nuevo will be about 2 miles north on the left.


Driving Diections From Arizona to Puerto Nuevo

Take Interstate 8 west to San Diego where you will merge onto Interstate 805 or Interstate 5 south. You will arrive at the border in less than 10 miles. Then follow the directions from San Diego above.


Puerto Nuevo Driving Map

Click to View Driving Map to Puerto Nuevo Mexico


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