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Vehicle Permits for Mexico

Mexican Vehicle Permits

For travel in within the Baja California peninsula, you don’t need to import your vehicle. When traveling into mainland México by car, you need to apply for a Temporary Importation of Vehicle permit. To do this you must have:

  • Vehicle registration or title to your vehicle.
  • A valid USA or Canadian driver’s license.
  • Proof of citizenship: birth certificate, passport or resident alien card.

The procedure is:

  • Visit the BANJERCITO web page at: www.banjercito.com where you can pre-process your temporary vehicle importation, or
  • Go to the BANJERCITO branch (Mexican Army Bank) available at all border ports of entry.
  • Fill out the “Temporary Import Permit Form”.
  • Fill out the “Vehicle Return Promise Agreement Form”.
  • Fill out the Tourist Card Form.
  • Complete vehicle security deposit procedure by using any of the two available methods: credit card or bond. If you use credit card you will pay around $29.70 USD or if you use bond you will pay for the permit $29.70 dlls. plus $200.00 USD for vehicles 1993 and previous models, for vehicles 1994 to 1998 $300.00 USD plus permit and for vehicles 1999 and later models $400.00 USD plus permit.

Important notes: Others are allowed to drive the temporary imported vehicle, only if the permit holder is in the vehicle.

Vehicle Permits in MexicoBefore you leave Mexico:

You must go to BANJERCITO (Mexican Army Bank) and turn in the Temporary Import Permit as well as the “Vehicle Return Promise Agreement”. You have to also turn in your Tourist card (FM-T) at the outbound Mexican Immigration office, if it’s a multiple entry tourist card, you can return it before its expiration date. Your vehicle security deposit or your bond agreement will be returned, depending which method you used.


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